Am I Really Here?
Publisher: Flash Somebody
Date: 2018-10-23T05:06:39-04:00

How do I exist in a world of absolutes when everything I encounter is subject to change from external sourses? As I struggle with my awareness of life that is different from the life presented through the electronic world, it seems I am being herded again. The slightest resistance to the machinery that runs any society I encounter will bring me personal insults from my fellow sheep.

In a world that runs on deception, misdirection and bald faced lies, standing against the official story that is fed to me by government has brought out the best in some of my fellows, on the other hand has brought the worst out of others.

I find myself choosing sides, picking winners and losers and with these results I find nothing important in life really changes. The problems of the past have grown into disasters of the present, it appears I do not learn from my mistakes or the mistakes made by the people who believe they are in control of my daily existance.

Choosing my own path separates me from the herd and brings critisism from the sheep that need to be hand fed and cuddled. I remember a simpler time when what I did was my business, what I said was my opinion and people allowed me the opportunity to experience my life through my own senses.

Personal experience doesn't need approval from others, so the next time I am called out for not obeying my master, I can rest assured the decision to avoid the social conventions that restrict my thinking is mine to make. I get the results I expect from the people who speak their views of what they see in my expressions of living in this disaster we call society. In the end it won't even be a memory.