Beating A Dead Horse or Vote Until You See It Doesn't Work
Publisher: Flash Somebody
Date: 2019-02-28T03:02:50-05:00

People refuse to see the difference between what they are told is real and what is real, depending on others to decipher their life experience as they allow the politicians to make rigid one size fits all rules and to punish those who refuse to comply to the orders of the government they claim they chose.

They say words like freedom and peace when there is little to be found anywhere on earth. The controls of government and their agents hit over-reach many years ago, but with the aide of MSM and religion, the good sheep will be rewarded and the bad sheep well, they will be shunned by the slave masters that want total control of every action a man takes.

In 2019 the idea that has the super country in a knot is building a wall that will never be built and is irrelevant at this time because the damage has already been done. You cant unfuck something unless you admit you fucked it up in the first place. Nobody has to this time taken responsibility for the immigration troubles they claim exist.

It is one more way to keep the lies of the fed going. Good luck with being treated in a humane way by the nastiest government on earth.