The Boobs in Politics Ain't Pretty
Publisher: Flash Somebody
Date: 2018-10-29T06:16:02-04:00

Years ago we would judge a book by its cover, today books are a part of the past and now we judge the book by a few lines of text with a stupid picture attached to it and we call it progress.

For all of the people who rely on government, medicine or religion the curtain has been pulled, the wizards have been exposed and the masses still support the very things that have been used to destroy them. Fear mongering has hit the speed of light and the people cheer it on as they ignore the truth calling the truth about these frauds conspiracy theories.

It is easier to go along with the official story from the system than it is to stand against it. Standing alone facing this beast with a bottomless appetite for wealth and control is not popular among the hordes of ill informed, indoctrinated, useful tools of the state and its agents.

It is good to see that Ant has drawn the line in supporting Trump, I just would like to see him move on and be self reliant and get beyond the group think of politics. The Kennedy days came and went, it is a dark time ahead of those who refuse to support the manipulations and threats of the sitting government that wants to control under the guise of freedom.

The answers to life are inside of us, buried under years of garbage thrown at us by the greedy, self righteous, representation that has taken us all against our will and steered the ship towards total disaster both real and imagined. Those men and women in seats of decision do as they are told by israel, they swear allegiance to the jews before they are funded to participate in the fake selections in state and federal government.

It is time to look at reality and face it. Continuing down the road we are on is a never ending disappointment. Good luck in your personal search and remember giving up is what "they" require to continue this never ending assault on man kind.