The Magic of Radio and Other Strange Ideas
Publisher: Flash Somebody
Date: 2018-10-19T01:22:01-04:00

There once was a radio host called Flash

That turned all his co-hosts to ash

They came and they chattered about shit that don't matter,

It was rumored Miss Mary jumped off a ladder

But she just fell off the fence.

Anyway, I have made more co-hosts disappear than the CIA. VinE was my first victim, then came Miss Mary and the VinE again. Can I count VinE twice? Robwerks is going to stand in for VinE on In A Perfect World this week.

The Dork Table seems to be the Titanic of the RLM, I am the lone survivor of another ship drifting in the moral depravity and human degradation that is called modern society, its a big table to sit at all by myself, but I can do it. Entertaining the mind is harder than it looks. At The Dork Table we offer a variety of alternate views to use as we encounter the world around us.

Sometimes we just argue about the color blue, the Dork side awaits your arrival.