This is no time for rational thinking part 2
Publisher: Flash Somebody
Date: 2018-09-13T06:27:31-04:00

Knowledge is rated by strangers who decide if your ability to regurgitate useless facts and figures should be rewarded with a debt to the federal government you will never earn enough fiat to repay.

Years back knowledge was doing things from start to finish. The example set by education today only requires a memory for second hand reports and the ability to blame everything wrong today on mistakes that were obviously made by design.

Two full blown financial fuckups are replacing hemp with synthetics and corrupting commerce with a central bank.

I know its more fun to blame the jews and the senate but if you support either of those two cluster fucks you deserve what you have. Endless war, worthless money and a medical profession that sells poison under the guise of maintaining your health.

Yearly government salaries are a theft beyond what the filthy masses receive as a reward to be in poverty, a means of finance in a land where work has been smuggled out of the cunt tree by the thieves trusted to run things and make life good for all.

The good side is all this will continue for as long as you support it. If you don't support it, don't let it bug you, nobody really cares what you think anyway. The strength only comes from the blind side, scared to death of the enemy as they cry for more safety and security from the beast killing people, but they ignore the beast because it may turn on them someday.

My solution is too simple for the complex modern day thinking mind! Number one, stop living in lies. Number two stop murdering people in mass through the lies of government. Number three grow hemp like you mean it.