This is only a TEST!
Publisher: Flash Somebody
Date: 2018-10-07T04:17:21-04:00

CONgratulations to all you Voters & Voterettes out there in happy land USA, you have done it again! The appointment of your newest slavemaster on the SCOTUS is the best, of the best, of the best, I really mean that, there wasn't a better choice to put in that seat, I really mean that.

Allowing nine relics in a mental state of decay to dictate the law of the land is not only ridiculous to me, but I lack to see the freedoms either protected or recinded by this group of societies greatest thinking minds.

I sense there are those of you who have a different opinion than I have, alas you are forelorn, as you watch a fellow sheep ignore this state sanctioned nonsense and walk away. I do think there are two sides to the coin but it is still A coin.

So, if SCOTUS has taught me anything in my lifetime it is, SCOTUS is no less a scam than the thieves in government it represents (see GrammyMary for definitions).

You could always put your shit kicken' boots on and see what CowboyTech has to say or Robwerks or Grimnir or...

The point is simply, the divide and conquer starts at home and it works better than any of the planners had expected. So, again CONgratulations and remember The Police Have No Duty To Protect The Individual Citizen, there are plenty of links about it but give thanks to SCOTUS it was their ruling that made tis possible.