Will 2019 be the change we want?
Publisher: Flash Somebody
Date: 2019-01-09T02:10:45-05:00

We are now 9 days into the new calendar year and it still looks like 2018 to me. Governments still destroy the people they claim to aide, educators still destroy young thinkers to enslave their future and israel and the other religions are still killing each other off in the name of a gawd.

Separating from church and state is only possible if you disengage from both, one hand cradles the other and the msm lies to the reading public about cause and effect. We are told lies to be in fear and at war on a daily basis now.

Does 2019 offer us the truth in word and deed from those who call themselves leaders instead of representation? Will men wake up to reality and stop war? As long as we allow governments to control us, we will be controlled. 

Happy New Year to all and remember, we get what we give!