Bad Germs!
Publisher: Flash Somebody
Date: 2020-05-18T01:06:30-04:00

I woke up on a morning in February, 2020 to a new world, a world filled with a new story of future terrors and a massive death count like we have never seen. In a matter of what seemed like a few days the entire civilized world had gone totally insane. During this time we were all introduced to the new "normal" and we were promised it would save lives, win the war and make child birth a pleasure. During the first few months of the new "normal", people in some places been forced to shut down, lock down and stop interacting with each other. A mandatory mask, gloves and distance was required to take part in free societies all over the world. What we would uncover with a little reading may be the most controlled experiment on human behavior in society since we first figured out how to put words on paper.

If you need background to understand what this tale is about, I recommend any of hundreds of movies and documentaries designed to misinform, misdirect and keep people in a constant state of panic based on our collective ignorance about germs. I remember making jokes about shutting down restaurants and bars over something as innocent as germs right up to the moment they were shut down. There was group of eugenicists working in coordination on a global scale to save us all from a monster that only exists in the imagination of an uneducated follower of state dogma. The civilized news had informed the masses a bad germ could destroy life and kill almost 2% of us in the coarse of its escape into the population. We were in the final chapter of the bad germs that would eventually kill us all saga, except for the 98% of us who survived.

Convincing billions of people to be afraid of something that isn't a danger takes organization, planning and skills our sitting governments don't seem capable of executing to get their desired result. It all depends on the delivery of the threats necessary to convince the public that danger lurks with every breath you take, that your friends and family are deadly and the state knows exactly what we need to do to survive something that isn't really happening. Representatives from all areas of public life stood together and told the people to do as they were told, while the speakers did the exact opposite of what they preached. The politicians had been trying to accomplish the total control of society over its history in what seems to have been small steps that led to a locked door. We have been deceived in every area of knowledge required to survive and enjoy our few years of life.  (tbc)