Cili By Design Present most Bioavailable CBD and CBG on the Market
Publisher: Hazel
Date: 2021-01-04T15:45:00-05:00

Swish Cili, a Product CBD, and CBG are hitting the market. It has raised people’s curiosity as this company combines CBD+CBG, a next to impossible task.

CILI BY DESIGN presents the exclusive flagship product line of CBD. It brilliantly engineered this product. Swish is the purest, fastest, and most bio-available hemp oil on the market with revolutionary technology. Swish can be an everyday nutrient supplement with a 50/50 combination of plant CBD & CBG (CBD+CBG). It is also combined with other 90 minerals, vitamins, and primary adaptogens.


Cili By design

  1. cGMP Compliant
  2. 3rd party Lab Tested
  3. Clinical Grade
  4. Organic Whole Plant Hemp Oil
  5. Doctor Approved
  6. NON-GMO
  7. NO Side Effects
  8. Encourages Healthy Skin Care
  9. Anti Inflammatory
  10. Anti-Aging Positive Aspects
  11. Helps with Anxiety & Stress
  12. Improve Mental Clarity and Focus
  13. Benefit Anxiety alleviation
  14. Encourages heart-health
  15. Comprises Both the Benefits of CBD and CBG


#1. Water

The Best Delivery Procedure. We work with a proprietary seven action procedure to generate ultra-pure drinking water. Drinking water is essential for your health since it includes vital oxygen and nutrients into cells during your whole human body.

#2. Size Things

We then calibrate dimensions of ordinary 2,000 nm CBD & CBG particles to countless ultra-fine < 10 nm size particles. The smaller the particle, the greater the absorption.

#3. Optimum Absorption

Each nano-sized CBD and CBG particle are subsequently encapsulated from the ultra-pure Water, developing trillions of human sterility particles that may quickly input all the cells around the human physique.

CILI By Design uses a proprietary aquaceutical nano technology to produce the purest most bio-available CBD & CBG products on the market. CILI By Design products include Swish, Sleep, Relief, Serenity and Boost CBD sprays.

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Swish is a Great Product. It comes with a mixture of CBD and CBG, which is next to impossible thing. They use a proprietary aquaceutical nanotechnology to produce the purest, most bio-available CBD & CBG products on the market.