Draining The Swamp
Publisher: Grammy Mary
Date: 2019-09-11T23:20:49-04:00

Subtitle: When will there be Arrests???


First things First..... HOW does One go about Draining A Swamp? Well, You NEED to Understand that You Cannot Drain something that has the ability to Grow..... so First Issue is "Stopping The Growth"! You Cannot Start "Cleanup Operations" UNTIL You have the Mess "Contained"! You also have to Realize that This Mess a.k.a. Swamp did NOT just Appear Overnight..... it took YEARS of Decay & Corruption just to lay the Foundation..... and it has had Decades of Buildup & Growth since then..... so set your Plans & Goals for LONG Range because This is gonna Take a While! Now you may ask, "What is the Most Effective Longterm Way to Contain Growth?".... The Answer is To Change the Mindset of Those that Feed It a.k.a. "The Voters"!


Secondly, Now that it's Contained, You Must Seek Out the Weak Spots around the Outer Edges in the Foundation & Begin Poking Holes, all the while Knowing that Those Holes MUST BE MAINTAINED or they will Fill In with Unnoticed/Undetected Corrupted Material and You'll have to start all over again.  Why the Outer Edges you may ask? Why not just go close to the Center and Poke the Holes? Well..... Do You KNOW where the Center Is? Do You KNOW all the Routes that Lead to the Center? Do You Have them ALL Guarded? If your answer is NO to Any of those Questions, the likelihood of You Being Eaten Alive LONG Before you reach your destination is Very High! The SMART Move, although Slow & Tedious, is Work on the Perimeter, Drain It & Clean it Up and Keep Moving Inward!


I'm reminded of the riddle "How do you eat an Elephant? One Bite at a Time!"...... Don't Rush..... That Swamp is Wide AND Deep...... It MUST Be Cleaned Up Properly if WE Don't Want to HAVE TO Do It Again!


Have Faith Dear Ones and Remember...... The CLEAN UP Begins At HOME! UNLEARN the Propaganda You Were Brought Up BeLIEving and CREATE a Better Life Where YOU LIVE..... BE The Example Others Learn From!This is how "I See" this Draining of The Swamp...... I would Love to Hear Your Perspective!