Gimme Back My Virus!
Publisher: Flash Somebody
Date: 2020-05-14T04:07:08-04:00

It is officially the middle of May 2020 and as I sit and watch the world burn in the arrogance of collective stupidity, my inner child is jumping up and down saying "I told you it was all bullshit". Watching the representation destroy everything in its path with the most ignorant advice available to fight something that doesn't exist is epic.

All along my inner self was telling me to stay away from the collective stupidity. Sadly, there are plenty of my fellow carbon based lifeforms, desperate to feel safe and secure, at the risk of fucking themselves up by blindly following the piper to the rivers edge.

It can only get worse if you allow it to get worse. Hang in there or hang a liar but don't do what you are told because it is the right thing to do. Recognize the truth for what it is and live your life in a way that makes sense.