I Wanna Be A Zillionaire
Publisher: Flash Somebody
Date: 2019-09-30T08:32:05-04:00

Being totally financially set for the rest of my born days would be the best thing in life right? I wonder if it really feels good to hoard wealth and basically live off the backs of the masses that actually get shit done.

Maybe its too late and the magic stroke of a pen on a financial contract is not really what I was trained to believe it is, whatever it is, we will never agree on what it is.

As long as the system pitches existence as a struggle with built-in enemies of the government that owns you, there will be some of us who struggle just to exist. The game is designed to be a success for a few as the rest of us fuel one mans accumulation of wealth and it's called finance.

In hind sight it has been a good life in an insane world. The wealthy mock my lack of interest in finance, the slave assumes I'm playing the system for financial survival and the anarchist doesn't care as long as I don't do it to cause harm.

Speaking of speaking, do a little research into dog Latin, you will be amused. 

Back to the money thing, it would be so awesome to sit on my ass and make money off the backs of the public, but I have a conscience.