Left, Right or Center and We Are Still Wrong
Publisher: Flash Somebody
Date: 2019-07-27T06:32:54-04:00

As I scan a minds.com a link about women's rights grabs my attention and not because I use women's rights but because I recognize rights as a fraud to keep us begging the system to treat both groups (men and women) equally.

I have come to the decision that these rights are always a poor humans (carbon based life forms) problems. To complain that the majority of living beings (women) are treated worse than the minority (men) is more popular today than it was when I was young.

To all the group victims out there I say, it has nothing to do with your gender. It seems to me all humans are treated equally, if you call being lied to and poisoned being treated equally. 

The gender divide is an excellent way to distract us from what really matters like food and water for example to direct the attention to the things that are trivial in the real world we live in daily like sports and entertainment. 

We are either equal or not equal and that is a decision made by the individual, yet judged by the mainstream media as they lie, cheat and steal to turn a profit.

How can I be an individual if I am part of a bigger group? How is a gender better or worse than the other? How are rights protected and by who?

These ideas are noble but useless because we are in this together, eating the same food, breathing the same air and drinking the same water, or are we? 

Your insanity is my insanity, we share everything on earth equally. It is a matter of interpretation.

The point is, leaving the judgement to the state will always keep the fight going or we would realize the group yelling the loudest is the group to be ignored.