Start to juggle them for a few seconds
Publisher: Kin Gang
Date: 2021-03-19T04:39:47-04:00

Firemaking: You may open your palms and create 4 fireballs (2 in each hand), and start to juggle them for a few seconds. You then are going to grab OSRS gold themand quckly clamp your palms together and there'll be a small orange explosion followed by a fizzing from your hands. Fishing: Change the fish you catch into a shark.

Magic. You may form an X in front of your chest with your arms then swing them into your sides to form a T shape with your own body, and then you will be covered with a colourful aura and lava will probably burst out of the earth from underneath you. You'll be standing on the lava and you'll clap your hands and it will freeze. Then you will jump off and the lava will shatter. Runecrafting: Once you activate your cape to get 100 runecrafting, you can manage 7 water runes/essence. If you craft combo runes, the achievement rate is increased to 85%. Crafting: When worn you can enter the crafting guild with no brown apron (if you can't currently ), and once the cape is activated, you don't have to use moulds to craft things.

Agility: When properly used, your weight will diminish be -3, when the skillcape is activated to receive 100 agility, it is Buy rs3 gold diminished to -4. Mining: Once worn, mining speed is increased by 5 percent, and when the cape is actived, it's increased to 10%.