The day the fed took my gun away, it seems like yesterday
Publisher: Flash Somebody
Date: 2019-09-18T01:25:45-04:00

We have all been over exposed to the right to bear arms craze that the media keeps the public in, mass shootings, terrorism, the usual click bait to keep us scared. What goes unspoken is registering your gun with the state changes the ownership of the gun to the state.

Legal is a trap to tax us, invade our privacy and take what we are not socially fit to possess. The freedom was taken and replaced with a skeleton named freedom. The state has us begging them to break their rules for a fee if we get a license, similar to racketeering or blackmail.

Like Grimnir would say, "The truth is out there". I say, but nobody is sure what the truth is anymore. Life has been an experiment on us and it doesn't look like that is gonna stop any time soon.

Anyway about the gun thing, those who need to be controlled, can not be controlled, so good luck with your disagreement and remember, never take a knife to a gun fight.