The Reality of Reality is Unreal
Publisher: Flash Somebody
Date: 2018-12-03T02:05:47-05:00

Pick a side, pick a cause, arm up and make a stand! Did you get your magnificent wall? Is the swamp clean? Are you happy now?

Bush did his snaky, greasy, warmongering, career ending control games in the American Political Theater until the other day cus he died or did he? Today this lying, thieving prick was remembered by the state as a great man. The state will say anything to we the people to keep this illusion alive.

If supporting government still seems like a grand accomplishment or a civic duty will you show me your proof? If today you haven't noticed that everything lethal to us has been approved by congress or one of its agents, maybe your reality is skewed or you are being told a pack of lies to be controlled in an open air prison.

If your reality sucks, it is your reality that sucks, think about that. Wanting revenge gives the crime a longer life, letting it go is usually beyond our capacity and moving forward on the fuel we are fed is impossible.

Control your own reality and the world at large gets smaller, making the world look like something it is not is easier to do than you were taught to believe. Admitting you were lied to is the first act of preparing to look at the truth of this reality. Truth is not reality and reality is not truth. Reality is controlled by the government that entertains you, the life you live is what you want it to be. Learn to control yourself and everything else may work in your benefit or live within the confines of your government protected reality.