When invaders whine about being invaded
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Oct 10 , 19 02:45 AM

As the military industrial complex plants a flag and builds a small city to house and feed the man power of their future invasion. Something frightening is happening back home. It seems the invaders are themselves being invaded in a far away la...

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I Wanna Be A Zillionaire
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Sep 30 , 19 08:32 AM

Being totally financially set for the rest of my born days would be the best thing in life right? I wonder if it really feels good to hoard wealth and basically live off the backs of the masses that actually get shit done.Maybe its too l...

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The day the fed took my gun away, it seems like yesterday
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Sep 18 , 19 01:25 AM

We have all been over exposed to the right to bear arms craze that the media keeps the public in, mass shootings, terrorism, the usual click bait to keep us scared. What goes unspoken is registering your gun with the state changes the ownership...

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I have to pawn my Rolex!
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Sep 16 , 19 05:35 AM

Most people never even think about how strange it is too pay more for a gallon of milk than a gallon of gas, most people believe trump is running the fed. Which has nothing at all to do with finance like the state preaches to us. I was b...

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Draining The Swamp
Publisher: Grammy Mary On Sep 11 , 19 11:20 PM

Subtitle: When will there be Arrests??? First things First..... HOW does One go about Draining A Swamp? Well, You NEED to Understand that You Cannot Drain something that has the ability to Grow..... so First Issue is "Stoppi...

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Left, Right or Center and We Are Still Wrong
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Jul 27 , 19 06:32 AM

As I scan a a link about women's rights grabs my attention and not because I use women's rights but because I recognize rights as a fraud to keep us begging the system to treat both groups (men and women) equally.I have come to...

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Government Cheese, a Diet Coke and Hurry...
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Jul 17 , 19 06:51 PM

It is strange how we behave together depending on the level of comparison we are engaged in. Saying, my god has a bigger dick than your god will usually make a Mormon go mute. Lets compare political parties...Both parties commit the exac...

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Beating A Dead Horse or Vote Until You See It Doesn't Work
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Feb 28 , 19 03:02 AM

People refuse to see the difference between what they are told is real and what is real, depending on others to decipher their life experience as they allow the politicians to make rigid one size fits all rules and to punish those who refuse to...

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Will 2019 be the change we want?
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Jan 9 , 19 02:10 AM

We are now 9 days into the new calendar year and it still looks like 2018 to me. Governments still destroy the people they claim to aide, educators still destroy young thinkers to enslave their future and israel and the other religions are stil...

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The Reality of Reality is Unreal
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Dec 3 , 18 02:05 AM

Pick a side, pick a cause, arm up and make a stand! Did you get your magnificent wall? Is the swamp clean? Are you happy now?Bush did his snaky, greasy, warmongering, career ending control games in the American Political Theater until th...

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The Boobs in Politics Ain't Pretty
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Oct 29 , 18 06:16 AM

Years ago we would judge a book by its cover, today books are a part of the past and now we judge the book by a few lines of text with a stupid picture attached to it and we call it progress. For all of the people who rely on government,...

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Am I Really Here?
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Oct 23 , 18 05:06 AM

How do I exist in a world of absolutes when everything I encounter is subject to change from external sourses? As I struggle with my awareness of life that is different from the life presented through the electronic wor...

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