The Magic of Radio and Other Strange Ideas
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Oct 19 , 18 01:22 AM

There once was a radio host called FlashThat turned all his co-hosts to ashThey came and they chattered about shit that don't matter,It wa...

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Real Liberty Media RADIO is Growing
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Oct 10 , 18 01:17 AM

Grimnir has an addition to the RLM radio line up, check RLM main feed for details. ArtUnderground will be doing live music as far as I know right now. As you all know, ...

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This is only a TEST!
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Oct 7 , 18 04:17 AM

CONgratulations to all you Voters & Voterettes out there in happy land USA, you have done it again! The appointment of your newest slavemaster on the SCOTUS is the best, of the best, of the...

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It has to be true!
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Oct 4 , 18 02:34 AM

I have been outcast from society, by society and I like it. We live under the harshest of times in regard to personal freedom. We must produce either little bits of paper or a plastic card for the privilege of eating food, drinking water and tr...

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Don't Drink the Water
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Sep 18 , 18 03:04 AM

I recently saw a link that explained alkaline water and the benefits of drinking it. My first question is if this is true why did the state add fluoride and sell it as good for us? Fluoride exists in nature they said, but its not a lethal dose ...

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This is no time for rational thinking part 2
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Sep 13 , 18 06:27 AM

Knowledge is rated by strangers who decide if your ability to regurgitate useless facts and figures should be rewarded with a debt to the federal government you will never earn enough fiat to repay. Years back knowledge was doing things ...

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They said it couldnt be done, so I tried it
Publisher: Flash Somebody On Aug 31 , 18 04:14 AM

Earlier this morning, here in a far away land, I was reading I have posted the site link and a member there asked about I told the truth and suggested she look and judge herself. Today we have a new member tha...

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