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Larken Rose:
This is your friendly daily reminder that, no, it's NOT at all normal for lots of young, healthy people--including many athletes--to be keeling over from heart failure.
Also, keep in mind those in "government" have immediate access to all the stats they could ever want. They KNOW it's happening. They KNOW that heart failure and many other problems are WAY up in young people. And they know exactly why. They KNOW that they are pushing something that is KILLING CHILDREN. And they're doing it anyway.
None of that is remotely debatable. Whether you want to think about it, and accept it, doesn't make it any less true. However, it DOES make you a coward and collaborator, if, when faced with obvious evidence of a large-scale atrocity and what amounts to mass murder, you choose to stick your head in the sand.
The truth is coming out. And justice sure as hell is not going to come from the same political parasites who made this happen.