ALERT: Year End 2019 Repo Cover-Up by the DTCC!! (Bix Weir)
6 Views - 2020-01-21T04:30:14-05:00 By Cowboy Tech

Looks like the banks & FED got past the end of year REPOCOLYPSE by acquiring guarantees from a division of the DT...

7 Views - 2020-01-18T18:24:10-05:00 By Cowboy Tech

Website is up and Running $2.99/month NEW VIDEOS, PODCASTS AND LIVE STREAMS Exclusively at

Quickie: Cryptocurrency 2
8 Views - 2020-01-15T13:36:26-05:00 By Cowboy Tech

Another division in the crypto world is that between coins with a public ledger, like the original Bitcoin, and priva...

Do We Ever Really Get Out of Anarchy? - Questions For Corbett
8 Views - 2020-01-15T06:06:45-05:00 By Cowboy Tech

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: Today James fields a question on anarchy among the elitis...

Keiser Report 1488
8 Views - 2020-01-15T04:30:16-05:00 By Cowboy Tech

Markets! Finance! Scandal! Keiser Report is a no holds barred look at the shocking scandals behind the global financi...

Hiding 230 Years Of Global Heatwaves
8 Views - 2020-01-11T18:34:41-05:00 By Cowboy Tech

If government climate scientists were actual scientists, they would want to understand history - rather than trying t...

David Crosby - What Are Their Names (with lyrics)
8 Views - 2020-01-11T17:59:42-05:00 By Cowboy Tech

Lyrics: Thanks for checking out our videos...

Madea - let them go
8 Views - 2020-01-11T10:17:43-05:00 By Grammy Mary

Madea.....Wise words to live by. Her words are not only so true, I think nearly everyone can relate and be touched b...

The Moody Blues "I Never Thought I'd Live to be a Hundred/Million"
9 Views - 2020-01-11T06:55:38-05:00 By Cowboy Tech

Just a short slideshow through the years :]♥

I Didn't F*ck It Up - Katie Goodman
9 Views - 2020-01-11T05:16:52-05:00 By Cowboy Tech - where you discover what's really going on!... ***Never a truer word, than said in jest!*** ...